Immigration/Work/Business Visa for Netherlands

Your 'student' experience in the Netherlands is bound to be quite enriching. It is indeed a small country in comparison to so many others. However, it has made a significant impact on the world in several ways. This is why several international companies have their headquarters in the Netherlands. You will always feel welcome here. Almost four million people from amongst a total populace of almost 17 million are foreigners. This multi-ethnicity has been in evidence for hundreds of years. Locals and foreigners find it easy to gain employment here.

The Dutch go out of their way to be friendly and receptive. They converse comfortably in English with people from overseas. The Netherlands ranks third in the world for English (as a second language) proficiency. This proficiency helps the Dutch to satisfy their curiosity about alien cultures.

The official languages of the Netherlands are Dutch and Frisian. However, the former is more popular than the latter. Other known languages include English, German, Dutch Low Saxon, French, Gronings and Limburgish. Urban dwellers pick up languages more easily, since they encounter diverse cultures oftener than rural dwellers do.

The Netherlands has one of the highest population densities in the world. Over 17 million people reside in just about 41,500 square kilometers of area. This works out to about 500 individuals occupying one square kilometer of area. Yet, not a single city boasts of even one million inhabitants!

Admittedly, the population spread over a limited area is wise. According to OECD's Better Life Index, the Netherlands ranks the globe's fourth best nation in certain areas. The employment ratio is high. Families generally enjoy a good work-life balance.